A new place for the community Sylvania Community Services relocates to N. Holland Sylvania

. April 30, 2013.

The historical Burnham building that once served as a Sylvania landmark was recently razed, leaving the Sylvania Community Services (SCS) office in search of a new home.  “We started our move almost a year and a half before the Burnham building came down,” said SCS Child Care Director, Page Rostetter.  “The new location (at 4747 N. Holland Sylvania) is a lot more efficient,” she added.
The purpose of the SCS is to provide social, educational, and supportive services to enhance the quality of life of Sylvania area residents.  Currently, the SCS offers child care that includes all day, as well as before and after school care.  It also opens its summer camp to the community at large.  They boast a Step Up To Quality program.  “We’re a Star One program,” said Rostetter.  Not your average program, SCS childcare is driven by a lesson plan and detailed curriculum.   There’s a lot of fun, and a lot of learning for the children of all ages in the program.  Being a “Pay As You Stay” program, it’s very convenient for residents.
The senior center on Sylvania Ave. offers a plethora of services and programs for the seniors of the community.  “That place is hoppin’,” said Rostetter.  Everything from health and fitness classes, wellness programs, social groups, and art classes is offered.  Hot meals are also available Monday through Friday at the center.
For a more detailed explanation of services provided by the SCS, contact them at 419-885-4126 or online at www.scsonline.org