A financial lesson


One of the hardest responsibilities to conquer is living within a budget, but the Community Credit Counseling Specialists want to help by providing  free personal assistance classes and counseling to community members. The classes aim to benefit the entire family, and focus on the parents becoming more informed about budgeting, credit issues and debt and to then teach the information to their children.
The program is broken into three steps. First, participants take a class on the internet or by teleconference. After the final test, Director of Education Donna Grazes analyzes the information and constructs a plan to increase the financial well-being of each individual. She then works with each client one-on-one setting in order to provide a personal, private experience. “The one-on-one counseling, I think, is the most important,” Grazes said.
The program is on-going and to sign up for one of the classes call
419-865-2333. Visit www.creditcounsel.com for more information.