New Voice-Activated Podcast for Kids: Pinna’s interactive storytelling

Audio on-demand service Pinna has launched a new interactivated podcast for kids. The voice-activated podcast encourages kids to make choices throughout their story by simply saying “Yes” or “No” when faced with a question. 

Pinna is an audio-based app for children ages 3-12 with thousands of podcast episodes, audiobooks and songs. The service partners with respected children’s brands, and also produces original programming under the Pinna Originals brand with new content available daily. 

Kids can listen to Pinna audio at home or on the road, with friends and family or on their own, and Pinna provides a screen-free, ad-free way for kids to play and listen. They also offer educational programs for use in classrooms to build listening comprehension skills and provide an accessible way for students to learn. 

Pinna’s new interactive audios will allow kids to connect with the stories they’re listening to, make decisions to change the outcome of their story, and use problem-solving skills to get to the end before time runs out. Each story is five minutes long and the first launch will feature three individual stories: Escape the Haunted House, Escape the Sinking Ship and Escape the Marshmallow Dream Forest. If they don’t complete the story in five minutes or less, they can try again and make new choices to find a different outcome. 

The new interactive stories are available on Pinna now. Pinna is a free app and is available in the iOS and Android app stores, and the Google PlayStore. It can also be accessed on the Pinna’s website. Subscription plans are available starting at $5.99 a month, providing access to special features, new daily content, and access to the full audio library. For more information visit

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