Tips for Creating a Well-Designed Family Home: Good Goods Vintage Has the Answers

While items are still listed and sold on Instgram @goodgoodsvintageshop, also check Instagram for information on pop up shops and festivals.

Ginger Good developed a keen eye for vintage goods as a youngster. Thrifting with her mom was a favorite pastime. When her children were born, she often found their clothes at second hand shops and then began to sell items online. In 2019, Good Goods Vintage shifted from children’s clothes to home goods. 

Good Goods Vintage Shop operates primarily from Instagram. Items are listed there with prices and descriptions and can be shipped to you. Prices are based on research and sold at affordable prices, making these unique pieces available to everyone. 

Branching out from strictly online sales, Good Goods Vintage Shop is now participating in local pop-up shops and festivals. 

“There’s a certain energy to selling things in person. A lot of the pop-up shops are small businesses trying to help each other.” Ginger says. Currently, Good Goods Vintage also has items for sale at The Dollop Shop, which Ginger helped design, in Cricket West. 

Considering that Ginger is such a creative design guru with kids herself, we asked her for advice on how to create a put-together home amidst the inevitable chaos of family life.

Keeping it cool with kids

There are a lot of different ways to keep your home “stylish” or “cool” even with kids, which essentially amounts to damage control. Ginger recommends sturdy, second hand furniture as it has proven to maintain its integrity over time. Floor lamps (as opposed to table lamps) can reduce the chances of  something breaking. 

We use a lot of color and texture in our community spaces,” she says. “We do a lot of soft spaces. Throw blankets, washable rugs.” 

The amount kids bring home from school or camp can be overwhelming, so second hand shops are a great place to find cheap frames to display their creativity. Picture ledges are a creative way to show off kids’ masterpieces and keep things out of reach. Having an array of different frames gives the opportunity to create a gallery and easily switch out artwork.

When it comes to storage, Ginger notes that “baskets are our friends! They’re super easy to find secondhand, come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and easily match any decor.”

When your kiddo has a special interest, there are typically two choices: lean in or lean back. You can lean in by going with coordinating color schemes and using toys as display pieces. Lean back by going to neutral storage with cool baskets or containers to keep it simple. 

You will do better in Toledo

Good Goods items are often sourced from stores in Toledo and other nearby cities such as Detroit, Cleveland, Dayton and Findlay. Traveling for sourcing is a great reminder that “You will do Better in Toledo.” Our city has a lot of singular features to offer, and creating inviting spaces is one way to continue to draw people in.

“Toledo has a lot of potential, and the culture is shifting to where people don’t want just good food or coffee; they are also looking for an atmosphere and experience.” Ginger says. “With social media, people want cool backgrounds, and there’s no need to go searching for that when it’s in your own city.”

 In light of this culture shift, Ginger is taking her design skills to the next level and willing to design spaces or help source items for local businesses or parties. Taking on the Dollop Shop was a stretch outside of her comfort zone and a great first step to meeting the desires of someone’s space outside of her own. 

Sustainable consumption

Beyond saving money and being trendy, thrifting also helps from an environmental perspective. In an economy where clothes and furniture are not made to last as they once were, Americans are disposing of 12 million tons of furnishings every year. According to the EPA, 80 percent of that ends up in landfills. 

“I think a  lot of times people struggle with how to make their lives more sustainable. Vintage and second hand in your home are a huge way to do it,” adds Ginger. “Vintage items are built to last.”

 Instead of starting with all new items, especially those of lower quality, Good Goods Vintage specializes in finding items that probably already exist, they just have to be found.

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