YWCA Programs Promote Racial Justice and Inclusivity

The YWCA of Northwest Ohio is a social services organization dedicated to empowering women and eliminating racism. There are many events to get involved with this fall at the YWCA that are both inclusive and disability friendly. 

The YWCA’s Fall Racial Justice Programs will focus on promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity, and their Little Hands Sensory Group is an opportunity for young children to partake in sensory-friendly activities. 

Dialogue to Change

Dialogue to Change is a program that facilitates conversations between different social identity groups. Participants have the opportunity to inform and impact different groups in terms of “cultural etiquette.” This session will give people a chance to come together and share concerns and respectfully discuss issues. The goal is for attendees to develop ways to address societal issues like racism and take action. 

Racial Justice Training

Racial Justice Training Programs are available for any organization, both in-person and virtually, and focus on three core issues. The Implicit Bias session is a two-hour training that focuses on the basic understanding of bias. Attendees will learn how to recognize bias, learn how bias can lead to racism and discrimination, and develop strategies to prevent bias. 

Racial Justice 101 is a two-hour training course to create a basic understanding of racism. The session will explain the four forms of racism,  learn how radicalized groups are affected by systemic racism, and develop ways to practice anti-racism and allyship. 

The How to Talk to Children About Race session is a one-hour course that will give adults tools to help children understand racism and inequality. Attendees will explore ways to talk and teach about racial equity that are age appropriate as well as the consequences that come from not talking to children about race. 

For more information or to register an organization contact the Racial Justice Director at: acollins@ywcanwo.org

Little Hands Sensory Group

The YWCA Child Care Resource and Referral is hosting a Little Hands Sensory Group during the month of November. Families with children ages 2-5 who are experiencing developmental delays will have the chance to participate in fun activities that take into consideration sensory needs. 

The event will take place at the Toledo Main Library on November 23 at 10 a.m. 

For more information, contact Parent Outreach Specialist, Charlene Brady, at 419-255-5519 or email cbrady@ywcanwo.org

To find more disability-friendly resources in the Toledo area, read our Disability Friendly Guide.

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