Kids Astrology: Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

This month your child will explore their inner and outer world. When it comes to belonging, your child defines how they fit into the larger picture. A perfect birthday for a little Sagittarius would involve learning about family roots, helping them to understand their special gifts and teaching them about similarities between themselves and other family members. Gather pictures and put them in an album to illustrate the family’s story. 

If your child is small, make a memory book starting from the time they were very small and show them all the things that are unique about them. This will help them connect to vast hopes and dreams for the future. Even a one-year-old child shows compassion and love.  Organize a party about expression during this significant time for your child. Help them to draw a picture of themselves or put their handprints on the placemats, offering the other people who attend the birthday party a way to connect with the child’s inner expression. Remember, the key is connecting your child to their hidden talents, so break out creative toys or even a karaoke machine so they can express themselves through song!

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