When the going gets rough

. February 7, 2013.

In a perfect world, childhood is a time of endless carefree days filled with joy and laughter. But when things go awry, thankfully Children’s Resource Center (CRC) in Bowling Green is there to help with difficult times. “It’s really quite a unique agency, especially outside the big city. We have a comprehensive range of services,” said Deb Goldberg, Program Manager for Prevention/Early Intervention at CRC.
Early intervention is key
CRC is a non-profit agency that provides child-centered, family-focused mental health services for children ages birth to 18 in Wood County and nearby communities. The mother of two grown children, Deb Goldberg has been with CRC for ten years, and has dedicated her expertise to the Early Childhood field since 1976. Ms. Goldberg and her team of professionals know the impact early intervention can have on a child and family.  
She and her team provide early childhood mental health consultation, parenting education, and provide a preschool sexual abuse prevention program. Working with children from birth through age five, Goldberg has repeatedly seen the remarkable benefits of early intervention at home and at school where behavioral and emotional issues are concerned. Early intervention is key to changing the course of the future for little ones who need a little more help along the way.  It’s never too early.
A passion for the little ones  
One of the most rewarding aspects of Goldberg’s job is the opportunity to work with a child having behavioral problems and helping the teacher modify things in the classroom, as well as addressing any additional diagnostic work. “We don’t diagnose, but we are identifying needs,” said Goldberg. On the contrary, if they have a child who has already been given a diagnosis, she is there to recommend a wide variety of services either at CRC or elsewhere. Some of those services may include crisis intervention, group, family and individual therapy, various school-based services, a specialized school for severely emotionally disturbed children, or the expertise from the two Board Certified psychiatrists on staff.  
An ounce of prevention
As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”   Though not all mental and emotional issues children and teens have are preventable, many issues arise when the home environment is less than ideal. The prevention aspect of Goldberg’s job involves leading parenting education classes.  Sometimes parents and caregivers just need a little more guidance and maybe some “tools” to assist them with the daunting task of raising children.  Ms. Goldberg is very involved with The Incredible Years parenting program available to anyone and offered at various times and locations in the area.  The program follows an evidence-based published curriculum and is separated into two programs: infant and toddler, and kids ages three to eight. The 12 week sessions are priced on a sliding scale, and childcare along with a light meal for adults is provided at each meeting. Check www.theincredibleyears.com for information on future sessions, including one in March.
When life with children throws you a curveball, it’s reassuring to know there are resources available to help children, parents and caregivers make it through tumultuous times. For more information on Children’s Resource Center and the resources available, contact them at 419-352-7588 or www.wcnet.org/~crckids/ .