What’s up, doc?

. June 17, 2013.

Imagine having the nation’s finest pediatrician treating your child.  It would be nice, right?  Well Toledo area parents, you’re in luck!  Jon Dvorak, MD, who works with Perrysburg Pediatrics and ProMedica Physicians Group, has recently been named by the Consumers’ Research Council of America as one of America’s Top Pediatricians. “I really enjoy what I’m doing and I really believe that over the last couple of years I’ve had the most fun I’ve ever had,” says Dr. Dvorak. And it’s obvious that others have recognized his passion. Dr. Dvorak studied and earned his medical degree from The University of Toledo College of Medicine, then completed his pediatric residency at The University of Toledo Medical Center.  During his residency, Dr. Dvorak held the position of chief resident and instructor.  “It was the first time in medicine that I had a role as leader and a role in doing things that affected others,” says Dr. Dvorak.  “It was a great start and it certainly gave me confidence in what I do.” 

After completing his studies, Dvorak worked to make himself an integral part of pediatric care throughout the area.  He’s a board member and the vice president of the medical staff at Toledo’s Children’s Hospital, and he also holds an academic appointment in the pediatric department at The University of Toledo College of Medicine.  “In 2006, I was really honored to earn the Community Pediatrician of the Year given by the Ohio chapter of the American Association of Pediatricians,” Dvorak says.  “I like to be very involved.”  With his impressive list of professional positions as a Pediatrician, including his work as the medical director of Sunshine Children’s Home and chief of staff/vice president of medical affairs at Bay Park Community Hospital, it’s apparent why Dvorak was chosen as one of the top rated pediatricians in the country.

On October 14, 2009, Dvorak learned that he had made the 2009 list of top Pediatricians, compiled by the Washington, DC-based independent research organization. “I blew it off at first…I didn’t think it was real,” he laughs.  “It wasn’t until I got the second letter from them that I realized they were serious.” A point value system — based on experiences, memberships with professional associations, and training — was used to determine a fair, unbiased list of candidates.

A father of three, Dvorak says his role as a father has affected his career.  “I think my parenting came first and my counseling came second. My experiences as a father dealing with my own kids’ issues helps me relate to both parents and kids,” he says.  “I can tell them that I know what they’re going through and they realize that I DO know.”  But Dvorak says that a big part of his practice — and his favorite part — is being an entertainer.  “The kids all want me to do my funny voices, and the parents and the children can relax. I find I can have much more open conversations when the children aren’t nervous or scared.”   

You can find Dr. Jon Dvorak’s office at 1601 Brigham Dr., Suite 200 in Perrysburg. For more information, call 419-872-7700 or visit www.ppgdocs.org.