How Much Should Your Salary be for Your Work as a Mom?

We recently celebrated Mother’s Day.  But what is a mother’s work really worth?  


Data from Adzuna, a leading job search engine, found that for all the jobs that moms in the U.S. do, they should be earning $185,060. The data looked at the duration of time moms spend on tasks like driving, cooking, cleaning, keeping track of finances, and instructing per week, and how much these jobs are paid on the job market, in order to calculate what moms would be making for filling all of these roles at once.

For background, the median average U.S. salary is $53,383. The fact that moms should be earning almost 3.5 times the average shows how time-consuming and stressful being a mom can be. Below are the average salaries for employees who do the work done by moms for their careers.

  • Chauffeur: $154,058
  • Chef: $68,652
  • Personal Shopper: $73,000
  • Entertainer: $44,087
  • Cleaner: $35,422
  • Nurse: $127,979
  • Event Organizer: $51,131
  • Accountant: $51,131
  • Teacher: $41,620
  • Therapist: $105,092
  • Hairdresser: $56,640
  • Security Guard: $31,180
  • Referee: $29,716
  • Dental Hygienist: $74,220
  • Nanny: $46,360
  • Ironer: $15,933
  • Dog Walker: $32,820
  • Swim Instructor: $30,521

And now, the next time someone questions “what do you do all day,” you can submit an invoice for payment of services rendered! 

Do you fill any additional roles that we have not listed here?  And, which of these roles would you gladly outsource? We would love to hear what they are!  Email to share your thoughts. 

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