Goldfish School Coming to Sylvania

Parents will soon have a new opportunity to help their kids conquer the water. Later this summer, Goldfish Swim School will open to the public to offer swim lessons for any parents who are looking to get their children acclimated to swimming.

The 6,000 square foot facility, located at the old Family Video at the corner of Brint Rd. and McCord Rd., will be one of over 120 locations across the U.S. and will house one standard size lap pool that is approximately 25 yards long by 20 feet wide and roughly four feet deep. The water is set at a comfortable 90 degrees while the air temperature on the pool deck is 92 degrees. 

A full array of options
Parents will be able to take advantage of the school’s year-round swim schedule with small class sizes to find something that best fits their schedules. There are several different classes for different age groups that are no larger than seven children to one instructor. All instructors go through 40 hours of training and must be tested by a manager before being permitted to instruct a class. Class lengths typically run no longer than one hour at a time to help kids retain the information.

“Our program is based on scientific studies that show kids learn best from repetition in a safe and fun environment,” says Helen Paine, swim class instructor for Goldfish Swim School, adding that the school focuses on teaching children safety skills in the water and the fundamentals of swimming. The instructors help the children build off those skills to help them advance in their classes. “Our deck supervisor is constantly evaluating the kids, so as soon as they’re ready to move up, we move them up.”

If parents aren’t interested in signing up for classes, they can explore family swim times to slowly introduce their child to water, enjoy quality family time and to determine if their child will ultimately benefit from swim lessons. Family swim is also free to members of the school.

Parents are required to fill out and submit a swim assessment prior to their child’s first class.

In addition to the swim classes, parents can take advantage of three different membership options, each offering different perks. There are also party packages, a blow-dry station, individual and private changing rooms, a snack bar and a retail shop. 

A different type of swim class

Pictured above: Construction crews on site of the new Goldfish Swim School

During classes, parents will find one major aspect that sets Goldfish Swim School apart from others. “The kids are not wearing flotation devices on their arms, or ‘swimmies’, so they can learn their own buoyancy and what it takes to actually swim,” says Helen, adding that water wings do so much more damage than good. “If a child gets tired while swimming, their head will go under water and may cause them to drown.” Helen also mentions that the swimmies are not coast guard approved. There will always be at least one lifeguard and a deck supervisor on duty to ensure safety of the children.

Goldfish Swim School is set to open at the end of June and classes are open for registration. Parents should visit the website to determine which class is best for their child. To view the class schedules, click on a swim class for more details. Parents can also visit the facility’s schedule portal for a full list of what’s happening each day. 

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