Kids Astrology: Cancer

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Your loving, sensitive child will be fun to watch this month as they indulge their curiosity surrounding other cultures. And they will want you to join in their discoveries! Remember, Cancers are observers and like tactile learning. They tend to see the world through the lens of compassion because they feel everything at a very deep level. This can be really hard for them, which is why you might find them playing with a group of kids before suddenly  disappearing into a quiet space to be alone. They have a limited energy supply before they need to retreat. Make sure to give them space.

A Cancer child may experience problems understanding the nature of life. An activity to work with this requires a round piece of leather that you punch holes in along the outside. Then take a string and weave it through to make a little pouch. I said to one child who was struggling, “I’m going to take you to my store, and you can pick out some crystals, and then we can name your bag! But first let me ask you some questions.” I then took the opportunity to teach him about Native American cultures, and the power of stones and crystals for healing. I took him to my store and showed him all the little labels that described what the crystals were for. He added some to his bag, which he decided to name the “Discover Bag of How I Feel.” He now has a huge crystal collection and has passed on that knowledge to his family.

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