All in the family

. September 5, 2012.

It's easy to lose sight of the big picture. We work hard here at Adams St. Publishing putting out Toledo Area Parent every month. Focusing so much on the day-to-day routine, I had to be reminded that we have reached twenty years of publishing! It was a little overwhelming and more than a little eye-opening (and admittedly my opened eyes became a little teary) when I looked at two decades worth of magazines and photographs, remembering where we've come from and envisioning where we're going. 
When we started publishing in 1992, my daughter Margot wasn't even born yet, and now I've just dropped her off at college. In the early days, I worked in a 10 by 12-foot spare bedroom — which I had to give up so that it could become her nursery! Moving to the basement was (literally) a step down! And now I look up and see our wonderful two-story office building on Adams Street, and see the three different parenting magazines we put out (along with the Toledo City Paper and Current magazine in Ann Arbor) and it's amazing and humbling. 

Over and over throughout the years, I've heard from readers who've told me that reading our papers helped them feel like they weren't alone, that they were part of a greater parenting community. We're proud to be a part of the fabric of their lives, and to have people counting on us for our calendars and our coverage of local events. We have a dedicated and passionate staff who believe in our mission and have poured their hearts into everything we do, and we have 20 years worth of loyal advertisers who have supported us every step of the way. With their help, we've won multiple awards for editorial and design excellence, and we're not going to stop trying for more. You'll be excited to see what we've got in the works, with terrific new content, from lighthearted to hard-hitting. Our goal is to keep you reading, make you smile and, maybe, make you think. As always, let us know how we're doing! You're our family, and we'll never get tired of hearing from you.   
—Collette Jacobs
Adams Street Publishing