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One-on-One with local leaders in education

School is back in session after winter break with local educational leaders ready for a bright 2019. We rounded up some of the best and brightest in the area to find out what sets them apart.

Lynn Casto
Head of School


Maumee Valley Country Day School
1715 S Reynolds Rd. | 419-381-1313 | mvcds.org

Maumee Valley’s vision—a personal, experiential, and global education—resonates with newly appointed Head of School Lynn Casto. “The student-centered focus, innovative academic program, and diverse community drew me to MVCDS. It’s a place where each child can dream, explore, and cultivate passions. Learning at Maumee Valley surges beyond classroom walls.”

Maumee Valley Country Day School’s mission is to enable students to become enlightened, compassionate and contributing citizens of our global community while preparing graduates for their best opportunities in higher education.

With a 75-acre, sprawling campus, students in preschool through 12th grade learn by doing. MVCDS offers a safe and inclusive environment where a diverse student body finds the freedom to express their opinions, make their own decisions, and explore their interests. Students learn through real-world experiences utilizing experimentation, exploration, and world travel.

Schedule a visit and learn more about the Maumee Valley difference today by calling 419-381-1313 x117.

Robert Schwartz


Green Option for Autism of Lucas County
1660 Amesbury Rd. | 419-250-0401

Green Option for Autism of Lucas County, or GOAL, is the educational alternative for children and young adults with Autism. The staff is committed to providing a structured and consistent environment to children/young adults on the Autism Spectrum with developmental disabilities.

By providing a small staff-to-student ratio, the students have their IEP’s and/or ISP’s addressed in small groups and on an individual basis throughout the day. GOAL’s program provides behavior and academic interventions to students who have not been successful in special education programs within the general education setting. Many children with autism need this small group and individual attention to progress and learn social, academic, daily living and behavioral skills. Often the setting of a public-school building is large and is over stimulating to individuals with autism. Here small classrooms, frequent sensory breaks, gross motor activities and a structured daily schedule tends to limit the distractions that create sensory over stimulation and allows for learning to occur. The goal of GOAL is to focus on behaviors which adversely affect the academics. Upon dealing with the behaviors, the students can progress and are then able to re-enter the public schools.

School districts, parents and guardians that are seeking programming that focuses on behavior to improve academic, social, and daily living skills will find GOAL an excellent educational alternative option. Find and follow Green Option on Facebook.

Erin Schreiner


Horizon Science Academy
630 S Reynolds Rd., | 419-535-0524 | horizonspringfield.org

Mrs. Erin Schreiner has been the principal of Horizon Science Academy Springfield (HSAS) located for the past five years. “At HSAS,” she explains, “we foster an environment of inquiry and a love of learning so students are prepared to thrive in STEM-focused high school, college, and the world.”

Much of HSAS’s success, according to Mrs. Schreiner, “can be attributed to their high-quality teaching staff, who in addition to preparing students to tackle any academic challenge, have strived to create a positive school culture.” Recently, the team at Horizon Springfield was awarded the “Bronze” distinction from the Ohio PBIS Network and the Ohio Department of Education for their work in providing staff, students, and families with systems and frameworks that reinforce positive behaviors and educational outcomes.

For more information regarding Horizon Springfield’s high-quality, STEM-focused, college preparatory education, visit www.horizonspringfield.org or call 419 535-0524

Sr. Patricia M. McClain


Lial Catholic School
5700 Davis Rd., Whitehouse | 419-877-5167

President/Principal Sr. Patricia M. McClain SND has been part of the Lial community for 22+ years. Asked what makes Lial such a special place, she responded, “The child before us is the reason we do what we do. Each child is a unique and precious gift and deserves to feel safe, welcomed, respected and heard.” Together with parents, teachers and students Sr. Pat works to create an environment where students accept new challenges without fear of failure. She uses the school mission to guide her decisions and values parents as essential partners in their child’s education and faith formation. For her, the internal joy of the child is priceless.

Lial Catholic School, sponsored by the Sisters of Notre Dame, provides a caring community infused with Gospel values centered on the formation of the whole child. United with parents, Lial is committed to academic excellence and the development of necessary life skills allowing each child to use his or her unique God-given gifts to serve.

Dr. Kevin S. Miller


Ottawa Hills School District
Ottawa Hills Local Schools, 3600 Indian Rd., Ottawa Hills
419-536-6371 | ottawahillsschools.org

Ottawa Hills School District takes great pride in the quality of education it provides its students, offering innovative learning experiences that have an enduring impact on each child. Ottawa Hills School District has “large school offerings in a small school setting.” Ottawa Hills students can take advantage of a variety of course offerings along with several co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. These opportunities range from 17 Advanced Placement courses at the high school to 18 varsity sports to an incredible array of clubs and organizations. The Arts programming is second to none, including opportunities for students K through 12 in instrumental and vocal music, theatre arts, and dance. Because of the small size, students have the chance to actively pursue their interests both inside and outside the classroom. Ottawa Hills Local Schools takes great pride in the quality of education provided to its students. Its standing as the top-rated school system in Ohio is the result of the collaborative efforts of our stakeholders. In 2019, the district will continue working on implementing the objectives and strategies behind the five goals of our Strategic Plan: Academics, Engagement, Innovation, Partnerships, and Support.

Lynn Fisher
Head of School


West Side Montessori
7115 W Bancroft | 419-866-1931 | montessoritoledo.org

West Side Montessori’s philosophy of experiential learning at all ages (13 months through 8th grade) inspires children to discover their potential and produces independent, self-motivated learners who make decisions with integrity; confident communicators; and compassionate leaders.

The Montessori classroom is a highly organized learning environment that gives children countless opportunities to move, make choices, and take charge of their own learning. The enriched curriculum includes French and Spanish introduced at age 3 leading to a world language immersion program in the upper grades.

Lynn Fisher, Head of School at West Side Montessori, explains the belief that each child is unique and capable. We believe in nurturing the whole child by creating a community where the heart of the child is as important as challenging the intellect. We know the community of the child, parent and educator is the foundation of our school’s success.

West Side Montessori is a family-oriented educational community engaging and inspiring children to discover their potential within an environment promoting mutual respect, social responsibility, natural curiosity, and a love of learning.

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