Social Distancing Can’t Stop Mission at Bittersweet Farms

COVID-19 pandemic has been a significant disruption to daily life, and for individuals with autism, disruptions to daily routines can be especially difficult. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and all the resulting changes, the residents at Bittersweet Farms have been amazingly resilient, and their stories can be an inspiration for all of us. All non-essential services are currently suspended at Bittersweet, but the closure has not stopped Bittersweet’s residents from following their passions and continuing to develop their vocational skills.

Two residents at Bittersweet’s Pemberville location, Bob and Tom, have been working with staff to grow vegetables while maintaining safe physical distance. Excited to grow vegetables for their meals this spring and summer, Bob and Tom have been diligently working six feet apart in the hoop house to seed, transplant seedlings, water, and care for their plants each day.

Committed to keeping residents engaged while at home, staff from Bittersweet’s Whitehouse Community Living program partnered with local artist Greg Justus to provide custom coloring pages during this time of social distancing. Residents received fresh new coloring pages and have completed countless other art projects, including painted ceramic figurines, watercolors, and wax paper stained glass.

The mission of Bittersweet Farms is to positively impact the lives of individuals with autism and those whose lives they touch. By sharing their stories of resilience and determination, Bittersweet hopes that in some small way, you are now one whose life has been touched by their residents.