Grandmother, Mother, Healer

By Phoebe Samuel Rapp

The healing aspects of massage

Tonya Snyr, owner and practitioner of Massage Therapy Center of Sylvania (MTCS), is a mother of three and grandmother of four. She is passionate about two things: the healing aspects of massage therapy and her family.

Healing hands

When not with her family, Snyr can be found at the Massage Therapy Center of Sylvania. A massage therapist for 15 years, nine of which she spent working with veterans at the VA, what she loves most about her work is “building relationships and aiding the healing process through massage therapy.” Snyr incorporates deep tissue and medical massage, including cupping, which helps with circulation and pain, and stretch therapy, which helps with movement and stretching the muscles surrounding joints.

Lately, Snyr finds her practice busier than ever, in spite of the troubles created by the pandemic. She shares that “people need (our) services even more now.” Interestingly, while massage is a high-contact therapy, extreme hygiene protocols were already a part of the practice. With current concerns, the staff members at MTCS take extra precautions to disinfect all surfaces between clients. Additionally, appointments are spaced out to minimize the number of people in the Center at one time.

Massage for all ages and stages

The coronavirus pandemic has brought added stress to many families, including how the virus, and concerns regarding the virus, effect children. Snyr explains that kids can benefit from massage therapy, particularly those who struggle with anxiety. The soothing environment, coupled with a therapeutic massage, can help calm those who find themselves overwhelmed. 

With their parent accompanying the child in the room, the therapist can adjust and accommodate the individual needs of each child. MTCS offers shorter sessions— ideal for children— and will only charge for the time in the session, even if the appointment was for a longer window. The therapists recognize that with therapeutic massage, the child client may only be able to tolerate a short window of treatment. 

Snyr encourages parents to visit to learn soothing massage techniques for babies, which can be used from infancy through childhood. Snyr strives to provide a healing service for all ages and stages.

Wisdom & Wit

What’s your favorite activity to do with your family?

Any activity is good, as long as we are together.

Best advice you’ve ever gotten:

I treated a woman in a nursing home who had many life stories to share, and the one thing I’ll never forget is her telling me to “keep on keeping on.”

Worst advice:

Boys are mean to girls because they like them. Really? I know better, now that I’m an adult. 

How do you know when you’re done for the day?

When my body hits the bed. My days are so demanding that I fall asleep immediately.  

Describe your life in five words or less.

Full, love, happiness, rewarding, busy.

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