Time to Talk: Lucas County Learning Collaborative

Are you worried your child might be behind in speech milestones? A local collaborative was created to ensure families get the help they need.

The Lucas County Learning Collaborative (LCLC) is a grassroots, quality improvement initiative, started in fall 2017, facilitated by the Ohio Department of Health’s Infant Hearing Program. LCLC provides local resources for parents, families and professionals in order to streamline the system and coordinate services.

The LCLC was created because hearing loss is one of the most common birth conditions. While hearing loss occurs infrequently, the effects are profound on babies and children.

The purpose of the LCLC is to bring key stakeholders, including parents and professionals, together to join forces to meet the needs of the community related to babies and children with hearing loss or deafness. The LCLC streamlines the process, from newborn hearing screening to early identification of hearing loss and enrollment, with early intervention within the first few days of life to 6 months of age.

For more information, please contact Reena Kothari, Au.D., Ohio Department of Health; Bureau of Maternal, Child and Family Health; Infant Hearing Program at (614) 387-0135 or reena.kothari@odh.ohio.gov.

For more information, contact Leigh Carr directly at (419) 861-5099.

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