Smash Cakes, Milestones and Mother’s Day

Am I Doing this Right?

As I’m writing this on my son’s first birthday (what?!), I find myself reflecting on the past year of new momdom. It’s certainly been a whirlwind that I’ve enjoyed, albeit in a sleep-deprived haze. We still have two wake-ups most nights, but the weaning process is about to begin, so we are getting close to experiencing a full night of sleep. Wish me luck! I read in “What to Expect the First Year” that 70 percent of babies my son’s age sleep through the
night. Other sources cite a number somewhat less, but I can’t help but wonder, “Am I doing something wrong? Who ARE those little sleepy heads peacefully snoozing until morning, anyway?”

“Am I doing something wrong?” is a question that most moth-
ers consider at least once a day, if only subconsciously. Those thoughts are programmed from, you know, everything we see and hear about what a good mother is supposed to be. Additionally, it doesn’t help that fathers are often disempowered by jokes about their supposed ineptitude when it comes to changing diapers, putting on clothes, keeping up with the child’s schedule and so on…

Societal expectations can make both mothers and fathers feel as if they can’t do anything right. It’s a wonder that any of us make it through parenthood with our confidence intact. But, somehow, we do. I’m thinking about these things as both Mother’s Day and

Father’s Day are approaching. I want all the moms and dads reading this to know that you are doing great! Now, excuse me while I go prepare for my one-year-old’s birthday party by cleaning the house, buying decorations and making a sugar-free smash cake before our guests arrive in a few hours! But first, here’s a preview of what this issue has in store for you: a feature that outlines the importance of paid family leave, complete with a list of what some Toledo companies offer; a profile on fashion entrepreneur and new mom Erin Feniger Maggio, who is on the cover of this issue; a Mother’s-Day-inspired review of Clara J’s Tea Room in Maumee and a continuation of our Summer Camp Guide.

Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Father’s Day to you all!
Erin Holden
Assignment Editor
Toledo Area Parent

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