2022 Toledo Area Education Guide

Toledo area families are fortunate to have a host of educational opportuni-
ties available to children, from preschool through high school. However,

the options can seem overwhelming when it is time to decide which one is
best for your child. Toledo Parent can help! Explore these area schools and
learn a bit more about what makes each one special.

1609 N. Summit St.
(419) 671-0001

Toledo Public Schools is one of the largest school districts in Ohio, serving
students in the Toledo area with a mission to ensure that graduates are
career and college ready. The curriculum, from preschool through high school, implements Ohio’s New Learning Standards to ensure each child is getting a quality education.

The district strives to be student-centered, to have strong relationships, to be technologically oriented and to maintain high standards for each

TPS has a wide array of schools, including those specific to certain interests and needs. Elementary schools include traditional school settings, as
well as STEM academies. High school options include traditional high schools, but also career readiness programs such as the Aerospace and Natural Science Academy, Jones Leadership Academy of Business, The Toledo Pre-Medical and Health Science Academy and Toledo Technology Academy. Extracurriculars are offered throughout the district, with
a variety of athletic programs and a number of opportunities in the arts and humanities. With the number of schools and programs available at TPS, thee is something for every child.

4234 Monroe St.
(419) 297-6313

Hope Learning Academy was created as an alternative school dedicated to students who have mild learning disabilities or for those that might struggle in a traditional school setting. The academy focuses on teaching students to think critically, solve problems and to be self-reliant, all while using a curriculum that incorporates social growth, sensory integration and art enrichment. The school’s proximity to the Toledo Museum of Art prompted a partnership between the two organizations to cultivate students’ interest in the arts. Hope Learning Academy is committed to small class sizes, allowing increased one-on-one attention from highly qualified teachers.

1615 Timberwolf Dr., Holland
(419) 491-7423

iLEAD Spring Meadows offers a project-based K-8 curriculum and student-led assessment with global and culturally diverse influences. Through an inquiry-based approach to education, the learners at the school acquire 21st century skills such as collaboration, communication, independence and social responsibility. iLEAD Spring Meadows creates open, fun, multi-age K-8 learning environments that promote deeper understanding and celebrate critical thinking. The primary goal is to help learners lead a successful and fulfilled life while contributing to the world around them.