Sagittarius kids


Sagittarian kids are always happy if they are given space to do their own thing. They are very curious and the most creative sign of the zodiac. They have super imaginations and are content to build, cut, paste and make some of their own cards and paper necklaces. They are fascinated to hear about foreign countries and may try to dig a hole to China in the back yard. They love animals, especially horses. They seem to take on every challenge, which can be difficult for parents to understand.

Parents should remember that the Sagittarius child resents strict time limits. Try to give them a 15-minute warning when meals will be served and before clean up and bed time. Often the Sagittarian child will spin a globe to find places around the world. Learning a second language (even sign language) is fun as long as they do not have to sit still for any length of time. They are extremely bright-eyed, friendly and creative. Encourage them to make their own Christmas cards and gifts.