Reach your ideal weight the healthy way


I need to lose this baby weight, but it just won’t go away.
I want to start exercising, but I don’t know where to begin.
There is no one to watch my kids while I workout.
I can’t afford a fancy gym membership.

Do any of those sound familiar? What if there was a way to lose weight under the guidance of trained professionals at an affordable price?
There is. It’s called Wildwood Healthy WeighSM.
Wildwood Healthy Weigh is a program that includes both nutritional counseling and exercise participation. Think of it as a diet program and exercise class, combined into one program.
The program is led by degreed, licensed, certified professionals. Each session includes: weigh-in, waist measurement, 30 minutes of nutrition education, 30 minutes of exercise, incentives, and prizes. We offer many meeting times, and participants who register can come to any session they wish — just bring a water bottle and wear comfortable clothing and gym shoes.
The two primary issues people encounter when starting an exercise routine are motivation and knowledge. That’s why we made sure to incorporate small group exercise into the Wildwood Healthy Weigh program. It helps participants build friendships, which make the experience more enjoyable. This also leads to greater motivation to come to each session because the group becomes a support system and makes each person accountable for their actions and attendance.
Because Wildwood Athletic Club is part of ProMedica Health System, the club has trained professionals and medically based programs and services to address the needs of the non-exerciser, beginner or clients with chronic health conditions.
The proof is in the pudding. Clients who have participated in the program have commented on their improved mood and increased energy level, strength, flexibility and stamina. All this, plus they are meeting their weight-loss goals. As the general manager and medical exercise specialist, I feel so gratified hearing the positive responses from those who complete the program. We love to know that we have helped them achieve their goal.
The program is affordable too – only $20 for current Wildwood Athletic Club members and $30 for nonmembers – with no contract or commitment. Wildwood also offers a Kids Club with drop-in babysitting services. 

If you are interested in Wildwood Healthy Weigh, visit or call 419-539-0235.