Gemini Kids

. May 29, 2013.

The symbol for this sign is “The Twins” — you definitely get two for the price of one when a Gemini is born. They are “busy” at birth, looking around, opening and closing their eyes, AND hanging on to your finger tightly. They always want two of everything, one for each hand. They chatter incessantly and enjoy a toy telephone. They love to write, to color, and will sit for hours when someone will read to them. They are curious and good natured. They learn quickly.

Gemini children may have a few allergies, but other than that they are healthy. They talk at a very early age and often easily learn a second language. Geminis often are bi-lingual. They are friendly and popular with other children. They enjoy all games, puzzles, coloring, painting, and reading and “playing school” before they are old enough to go there.