Diving In With SafeSplash + SwimLabs Swim School

. February 29, 2020.
Four-year-old Braxton having fun in the pool during his swim lesson.
Four-year-old Braxton having fun in the pool during his swim lesson.

SafeSplash + SwimLabs Swim School teaches water safety and swimming skills. The Holland location is one of a number of branches across North America — but the only one in Northwest Ohio — teaching swimming skills.

“Swimming is the only thing we do,” explains Chris Peters, the school’s owner, adding, “…we’ve consciously made the decision to be singular in our focus and direct all of our energy in becoming the experts [for swimming] in the area. We focus on swimming, that makes us a unique addition to the Toledo area.

Swimming instruction is available for all ages and ability levels, starting with ParentTot classes (parents with infants) to individual instruction for adults. After a student learns all four swimming strokes, they have the option to have their strokes filmed and analyzed.

“We can have kiddos learning how to swim… who have aspirations of becoming an Olympian in the water,” explains Peters.

To ensure every student has the chance to learn to swim, they have numerous instructors who are skilled in teaching students with special needs. “Our goal is to be as inclusive as possible and offer the learn-to-swim experience to everyone in our community,” Peters said.

SafeSplash + SwimLabs Swim School understands how busy life can be, so lessons are scheduled for days and times that work best for the learner, and times can be changed if needed.

For those interested in signing up for lessons
you can call 419-370-2801 or register online at