Taurus (April 20-May 19)

Your Taurus may be a bull, but they are anything but bullies. This month they will express their true desire to make friends with other children and explore new ways to express themselves! This is an awesome time to put on a birthday party with a selfie booth, lots of hats, masks, and different dress-up outfits. Ask them what they want the backdrop to look like for the selfie booth, then tape a big paper roll to the wall and encourage them to decorate it themselves. They’ll love taking pictures with their guests as they dress up. I  guarantee your little Taurus will have them acting out a little play, dancing to some music or putting on a show for whoever wants to watch! 


Your Taurus Child is full of ideas, so the best gift that you can give them is the gift of freedom to express themselves. You can spend one-on-one time with them by reading books and letting them animatedly act out their favorite parts in a book. Take advantage of this time of self-expression, prompting them to be unafraid to grow into the natural born leaders and creators they are! 


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