Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

This month brings out the passion and creativity for your mysterious and sometimes quiet Scorpio child. Do you ever get that feeling that inside that mysterious mind is a creative genius? This is the blessing of being the parent of a Scorpio child.  They want you to get closer to them by letting them discover their talents through experience. 

This month Scorpio illuminates their inner passions. Here’s a suggestion: take a trip to your local Dollar Store and pick up some art canvas, colored pencils, stencils, an art apron, a table cover and paint. Then stop at a craft store and get some good paint brushes and a sponge. The cost will be less than $50 ! Put the tablecloth over your table, and set up a creative space for them to express themselves. Scorpio children love to explore new things. Tell them that you just wanted to have some fun drawing, painting and that they can too. Leave it set up for a week and you will see them (on their own time) delving into their inner expression. 

For moms and dads who like to keep everything neat and tidy, let go of the OCD. Your Scorpio child is independent and will surely develop their own ways of organizing. This month their minds are focused on expression and, as a parent, the best way to understand them is to let them find ways to express themselves! Don’t worry about their spurts of excitement followed by quiet detachment. This is their nature.  Astrologically, this is the perfect time to understand them at a deeper level! It is also the perfect time to nurture their sensitive minds and emotions. 

As the middle of the month approaches and the fall settles in, take them outside and let them enjoy the colors of nature and breath in the crisp air. This will keep them from hiding out in their room. Make it a month with limited computer games and television by encouraging them to experience nature! Their gentle minds need a break from the stimulation, and they need to find ways to be themselves.