Kids Astrology January 20-February 18

January 20-February 18

Capricorns are truly some of the most adaptable children of the zodiac! This adaptability is good quality, but most parents don’t even know about it until they see the child figuring out ways to make an unexpected situation into a positive experience. Your child was born with the natural talent of turning stressful situations into something that will be grounded and without a lot of drama. That will come in handy because there are a few situations that will get in your child’s way this month. Be forewarned: The planet Mars is playing with your child’s emotions and, while your grounded child seems like everything is fine, they will be challenged with issues of trust and feelings of being left out. Focus on the energy of “temporary” and take advantage of being able to teach your strong-minded Capricorn child different ways to adapt to change. This is surely a month that your child will soak up a lot of lessons that can be really fun for you as a parent and advantageous for your family.

This may be an exciting month for both you and your child. From my own experience as an Aquarian child with imaginary friends (that I didn’t think weren’t so imaginary), my parents were supportive and would play along. If your child asks an imaginative question, like “Could I dig my way to China?” read articles together on the subject. As your Aquarius is a humanitarian addressing questions about the ephemeral nature of life is very important and this is a great time to give your child hands-on experiences, like sending money to help a certain cause. If your Aquarius is considering who they want to be when they grow up, ask them for a few ideas and match them with someone in that line of work who will mentor them for a day. The most important thing you can say to your Aquarius child— or really any child— is “We don’t use the word ‘can’t’ in this house!” Allow and encourage them to do anything they set their minds to.

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