Kids Astrology: Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Happy birthday to your Gemini child, who is likely even more full of energy this month than they usually are. Their brain is quite active, taking in all of their surroundings. It is important for them to be cautious when it comes to gossip and how they express things. One exercise I’ve done for years with a good friend, who works with children and parents, involves a parachute. It doesn’t have to have the straps or anything on it, just a round parachute. Open it up and stand around in a circle, pulling the parachute out so it’s tight. Then walk a few steps and create a ripple by lifting the parachute up and letting the air under it and pushing it down. You can see the ripple move across the fabric, and the kids will feel it. Explain to your kids that this is how life works: what we do to others is what they feel, so everything we say and do has an effect. This will teach little Geminis the importance of avoiding gossip. Since Gemini children are natural teachers, they will very likely share this lesson with other kids.

My next suggestion is to have your child look up the definition of bullying and write a story about it. Have them tell you a story about bullying they’ve seen, and ask their teacher if they could try the parachute lesson in class. Your child will be excited to do a good deed.