Cedar Creek’s Special Treasures—Meeting the Needs of All Children

. September 30, 2018.

Cedar Creek Church celebrates faith and fellowship, including a Kids Ministry which encourages children to grow in their faith. Children all learn in different ways and for those with special needs a large group setting might not be a comfortable learning environment. Cedar Creek’s Special Treasures Program encourages children with special needs to learn about God’s message in more personalized ways.

Building a deeper faith

The program started after the church’s Kids Team members attended a conference where they learned how other faith communities worked with children with special needs. The attendees made it their mission to find ways that the church could better provide for children with special needs.

To enroll in the Special Treasures Program a family simply visits one of the Cedar Creek locations, meets with the Kids Staff, and completes paperwork to inform staff about their child. This allows staff to find a qualified volunteer to pair with the child.

Once paired up, the volunteer and child meet during a weekend kids ministry service. If the child requires a different learning space, such as a quieter location away from other children, that can be arranged. The volunteer and child work together following a popular curriculum that is currently used in over 10,000 churches, which combines child development and theology.

The importance of volunteers

The program relies on volunteers. According to Sarah Bucher, Senior Director of CedarCreek Kids, “We have qualified volunteers, with a passion for serving children with special needs, who develop a relationship with the family and the child. The more volunteers we have, the more families we can serve!”

To get involved or to learn more about the program, email kids@cedarcreek.tv.