Aries Kids

. March 21, 2013.

Aries kids are the “me first” sign of the zodiac. They are full of energy and fire from the moment they take their first breath of air. They come into the world in a hurry, looking around to see who is there and what is going on. They are not shy and they have no fears. They move constantly and explore with their eyes until they are big enough to crawl, stand, and walk. They do not like fences or play pens or limits of any kind. They ride tricycles and fire engines as soon as they are big enough to climb on.

The symbol for Aries is a ram and these kids lead with their heads as they walk and run. They get along well with other children so long as they are as active and adventuresome as the Aries. They love sports of all kinds. They do have a bit of a temper but never carry a grudge. They enjoy wearing hats or caps and are team players.