A Positive Dental Visit for Your Child

. February 27, 2017.

More than half the American population never receive dental care due to fear and anxiety. This image of dentistry is reinforced by the media on a daily basis. Parents can unknowingly pass this anxiety on to their children, perpetuating this emotion during their visit to the dentist. Fortunately, new technologies in preventive family dental care are pushing the old anxiety-ridden “drill and fill” days into the past. Earlier and more accurate cavity detection, gentler and more conservative treatment, and BPA-free biocompatible tooth colored dental fillings are now available.

With the advent of fluoride in our water supply and toothpaste, a new type of cavity has evolved. Microscopic holes deep in the grooves of teeth harbor bacteria, and the latest research states that up to 50 percent of cavities are not detected by traditional dental x-rays and hand instruments. Dental sealants placed in your child’s teeth have been shown to actually cover this hidden decay and allow the condition to worsen.

Fortunately, dental technology has developed an instrument called Diagnodent which uses a laser with over 98% accuracy to find these previously hidden cavities. This gives dentists a sure-fire technique to diagnose tooth decay in its earliest stage and allow for more conservative and less costly treatment.

Air Abrasion Microdentistry allows tooth decay to be painlessly removed without the need for shots, drilling, and numb lips and tongue. The cavity is, in effect, “airbrushed” away by a finely directed supersonic air stream containing a mildly abrasive powder. Since a cavity is softer than the surrounding tooth structure, the air spray follows the path of least resistance and removes only the decay, leaving the remaining healthy tooth intact. Even more amazing is the fact that sensitive nerve endings in the tooth are “shut down”, eliminating the need for anesthetic injection. Finally, a tooth colored, BPA-free filling is placed and laser-bonded, and in just a few minutes, a decayed tooth has become practically bulletproof! Dental sealants for children can now be successfully placed when this procedure is followed, assuring a cavity-free tooth.

This “less is better” dental treatment results in stronger teeth, lower cost, and a stress-free dental experience for both parent and child.

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