Toledo Public Schools’ Plan to Prevent Cyberbullying

. May 1, 2016.

Cyberbullying is an ever-present danger in our selfie-obsessed, eyes-glued-to-a-screen culture, affecting children at younger ages. Heather Baker, director of Pupil Placement and Child Adjustment Services for Toledo Public Schools (TPS), leads a district goal of preventing bullying. 

TPS recently made some updates to its cyberbullying policy to include all aspects of social media and the Internet. So many new platforms, makes it difficult to keep up, but the district wants to send a strict no-tolerance message. School counselors are mandated to present age-appropriate anti-bullying curriculum to every classroom from K-12, and the district also presents two programs each year. Baker says that students tend to receive a message better from their peers, so students put together skits and videos about bullying and how to react or prevent it.

Students are encouraged to notify administrators if they know of cyberbullying incidents and “need boxes” are placed in every school to facilitate anonymous reporting of incidents. Students should feel safe and secure at school while feeling loved and appreciated. 


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