Tips on keeping your tweens (and you!) sane

During the three week school closing, it can be tough to try and keep your tweens entertained, but we came up with some tips that will help keep everyone sane:

  1. Create a schedule for home. A benefit of homeschooling? Let those tweens sleep in a bit! No more cranky morning kiddos. Your schedule doesn’t necessarily need to follow the school schedule; you just need to get the schoolwork done. 
  2. Teach some adulting lessons. During a typical school day, tweens are often too busy to learn some of the important lessons necessary for becoming an adult. This could be how to do a load of laundry, how to cook a meal, or even how to save money while shopping. A big bonus to this is that your household chore list might get a little shorter with help from your tween.
  3. Volunteer your time. Social distancing minimizes our opportunities for volunteering, but one way that a tween could brighten someone’s day is by sending a letter to a resident of a nursing home. With restrictions on visitors due to COVID-19, many nursing home residents would love to receive a letter. Bonus: this would be a great chance to teach your tween how to properly write a letter and address an envelope.
  4. Get creative! Use this time to allow your tweens to discover new interests. Break out that old guitar hiding away in the attic. Have your tween show off their art skills with a watercolor paint set. Let your tween play around with ingredients and create their own recipe. Or even let them use their phones to make their own movie! Creativity is not only fun but also a skill future employers will one day be looking for. 

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