Successful Behavior Institute

. December 18, 2012.


We often keep our teens’ physical health and safety on our minds (and plenty of lectures for them on our tongues). But how much consideration should we give to their confidence level? According to Jeff Winke, president and training consultant at Successful Behavior Institute, a whole lot more — to him, it’s a make-or-break factor in their futures. “The higher one’s self-esteem, the more likely they are to succeed,” he says. Winke recently began offering Successful Behavior for Teens, an offshoot of his Successful Behavior training sessions for working adults. The sessions were started after attendees in his adult classes asked if they could bring their teenagers for some positive attitude coaching. Winke offered his first course in October to teens and their parents, giving the tips, tools and exercises for improving self-esteem. “The class really [addresses] how we take those bumps in the road and recover from them,” Winke says. “If teens can deal with glitches and miscues along the way better, they can get back on the road to being successful.” Winke’s classes are open to parents and their children ages 11 and up; he will offer a teen esteem-building class to kick off the New Year on Tuesday, January 8th at his office, 4428 Secor Rd., across from the Toledo Clinic.

Cost is $99; contact or call 419-508-5242 for more information. —AO