Science teacher on a mission


Mrs. Jackie Kane, teacher of Physics and Honors Physics and Geoscience at St. Ursula Academy, has been selected to join an international team of scientists bound for the Juan de Fuca Ridge in the Pacific Ocean aboard the scientific drilling vessel, JOIDES Resolution.  The mission, which leaves port this month, intends to complete the installation of a series of subsea floor observatories that will record hydrogeological data on the oceanic crust.  Mrs. Kane will be webcasting her two-month expedition to her class and will be getting her students involved in the project online.  A holder of a BS in Geology, an MA in Education, and an MAT in Physics Education; Mrs. Kane has brought the latest in scientific discovery into her classroom.  In May, NASA chose St. Ursula’s Science Club, which is moderated by Mrs. Kane, as one of only four high school science groups from across the country to conduct an experiment of their own design at the Glenn Research Center in Cleveland.  Last year, Mrs. Kane led St. Ursula’s Junior Engineering Technical Society in finishing as a finalist in the 2009 National Engineering Design Challenge.