Free- wheeling

Encourage your teenagers to make art, not war, with their siblings, by bringing them to the Art Supply Depo for the chance to throw some clay and create anything from a funky cereal bowl to a sophisticated flowerpot. Though the Depo has been hosting classes for adults for a while, the pottery classes for teens and tweens are a new addition, and a way to get your kids out of the house and involved in the arts. If you’re hesitant about how they might react to “summer school,” you shouldn’t be: The potter’s wheel has a mystical allure, and even the most rebellious children are a little curious as to how one works. As for the clay itself, it’s fun, tactile and easy to use. Best of all, like crayons and music, it’s expressive. However, if your angst-y teenager needs a little encouragement, mention “throwing clay,” and you’ll have their undivided attention. Classes begin Monday, June 17 through Thursday, June 20; ages 9-13 attend 8-11 am; ages 13-17 attend 1-4 pm. Tuition of $285 includes all materials and one time instruction. Space limited to 3 students per session.

Call to register at 419-720-6462. 29 S. St. Clair St.