Brown bags aplenty for St. Catherine School

. June 2, 2014.

All hands were on deck for the unique Lenten service project at St. Catherine of Siena School where students, with parent volunteers, packed 250 brown bag lunches for the Cherry Street Mission. Students reached out to the community and, with teamwork, made the project a huge success.

Students in various grades were assigned a certain lunch item to provide including lunch meat, cheese, bread, fruit, desserts, and chips.

“To be able to make so many lunches, 100 percent student participation was needed,” said project organizer and fifth grade teacher, Barb O’Donnell. “Some families donated more than what they were asked to contribute.”

The school provided brown sacks, bags, napkins and condiments, and their kitchen counters and refrigerator were filled to the brim with food that was donated.

Younger students were paired with older students to pack the lunches at parent-monitored stations. The lunches were boxed, transported to the Cherry Street Mission and distributed by parents and their children.

“It was a wonderful day of sharing and service for all those involved at St. Catherine,” O’Donnell said.