Bittersweet Farm Mentors

Bittersweet Farms is one of the many local volunteer opportunities for a teenager. Dedicated to helping adults and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder over the course of 32 years. Kate Gulbrand, the Community Outreach Specialist explains that Bittersweet’s mission isn’t just to provide activities, but also improve on the social skills of its members. Beginning at the end of last year, Bittersweet created the Social Living Club, made up of teen mentors (ages 13 to 18), and adolescents with autism. 

This new initiative is looking for more teen mentors. Interested teenagers will be required to attend an orientation session that teaches them about Bittersweet’s philosophy, autism, and the responsibilities they will undertake. After orientation, teens will pair up with a Bittersweet member and provide academic support through tutoring, emotional support, career guidance, and most importantly social experiences. No experience is necessary to gain the rewards through giving back. 

For more information, contact Kate Gulbrand at or 419-206-7803.
12660 Archblod-Whitehouse Rd., Whitehouse.
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