A sea of red at St. Francis de Sales

. February 11, 2013.

St. Francis de Sales celebrated Red Ribbon Week with a series of events that reminded students about substance-free lifestyles. Pledge Day began the week by encouraging students to make a pledge about their commitment to healthy living. Students pledged to stay drug, alcohol and tobacco free, or had the option to discuss improvements they could make throughout the school year. Each student wrote their pledge on a “brick” and attached it to the wall outside the school cafeteria as a reminder of their commitment to their personal goal. Other days celebrated during the week were Positive Choice Day, Red Fever Day, and the week ended with Sea of Red Day. Posters hung throughout the St. Francis campus with information about the negative effects of substance abuse. Students were also allowed to dress down for the event. St. Francis de Sales High School,  2323 W. Bancroft. 419-531-1618. www.sfstoledo.org.