Measuring Success Everywhere Toledo’s: Autism Model School

. November 1, 2016.

The Autism Model School (AMS) is in a class all its own. AMS was established by parents of students with autism, and remains governed by people who have been personally touched by autism. Those who direct the school have walked in the parents’ shoes. AMS is focused not only on supporting students to build academic skills, but also on helping students develop functional and social skills that can be generalized to other areas of life beyond their school days.

Special Services

AMS offers a highly individualized education for students on the autism spectrum. Their staff-to-student ratios are selected based on student needs, so their most severely-affected students receive 1:1 support. Every staff member who provides direct support to students is trained in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) techniques, as well as in Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI). Additionally, AMS is a year-round school, so students receive extended opportunity to access their individually designed curriculum without the need to request extended school year services. AMS is free to Ohio residents and transportation is provided for students who live in Lucas County.

The incidence of autism, currently estimated at 1 child in 68, continues to rise according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It is important that families have options for their child’s unique educational, behavioral, and functional needs. Autism Model School provides an educational option that is highly structured, individualized to each student, and strongly rooted in evidence-based teaching practices, while providing visibility for those on the autism spectrum by creating opportunities for students to be included in the community through work experiences, developing community living skills as well as developing leisure skills including attending community events. AMS is focused on helping students develop necessary skills to allow them to contribute to their community, thus improving it.

Community Support

AMS appreciates community support and offers some suggestions on how you can help. One easy thing is “like” Autism Model School on Facebook. By doing so, keep up-to-date on their fundraising events and volunteer opportunities.


Crunch those Numbers:

1 child in 68 has autism.

12 months – AMS is a year round school

4 wheels – AMS offers transportation to students

1:1– staff-to-student ratio for severely-affected students

FREE– AMS is free to residents of Ohio

PricelessCommunity support is essential, “like” Autism Model School on Facebook to receive info on fundraising & volunteer opportunities