Brain Bright Therapy offers new treatment options

Danielle Nelson, a local occupational therapist, is bringing new neurological therapy practices to the Toledo area. Brain Bright Therapy focuses on treating the root of neurological and psychological conditions, including ADHD, autism, dyslexia, dementia, and sensory processing disorders, among others. Although these conditions vary greatly, the treatments and exercises that Nelson uses in her practice all strengthen the brain, which in turn helps alleviate some of the symptoms.

New techniques and new approaches

Nelson had been working as an occupational therapist for seven years when she decided to take an opportunity to train in Chicago with functional neurologists. “I saw results I had never seen before. To be able to see new techniques and a new approach to treatment is why I opened the clinic,” she said.

With no prior business ownership experience, she spent the first half of 2017 dedicated to getting Brain Bright Therapy off and running, opening the doors August 1. By the end of one month, Nelson was already seeing positive results in her patients.

Brain Bright Therapy offers free consultations that allow Nelson to determine the best way to address presenting issues. If a patient decides to proceed at the clinic, she typically suggests meeting three days a week for a month and then slowly decreasing the meeting days. By meeting three times a week, patients have quicker progress, shown through data collected during pre-therapy and post-therapy assessments.

Strengthening the brain

Brain Bright Therapy focuses on strengthening specific parts of the brain– the root of psychological and neurological conditions. For example, someone with autism has an imbalance in the brain. The left side of the brain, the half that focuses on logic, is overworked, which can result in meltdowns. Therefore, Nelson would focus on strengthening the right side of the brain, to relieve pressure from the left hemisphere. To do this, Nelson uses physical activities done with the left side of the body, which is controlled by the right hemisphere of the brain. This could be as simple as drawing shapes and figures with the left hand.

Additionally, Brain Bright Therapy provides a number of other exercises that use modern technology. During a tour of the facility, Nelson shared a “whack-a-mole” type exercise that works with lights. The patient hits the light when it flashes, which helps test reaction times.
Brain Bright Therapy exercises are geared towards school-aged children through adults.
For more information or to contact Danielle Nelson for a consultation,
visit or call 419-410-4341.