. June 27, 2013.

Sylvia Branzei visited Toledo bringing her knowledge of snot, pee, zits, gaseous moments and other matters of "grossness" to the Imagination Station. The author of five Grossology  books certainly didn't seem smelly or disgusting. It is difficult to believe she is an expert in all the unpleasant "goings on" regarding bodily functions. "I was clipping my toenails and one thing led to another,"says the author.

Imagination Station was thrilled to host the former science teacher who received her B.S. degree from the University of Michigan and her M.A degree in Science Education from California Polytechnic University. Ms. Branzei,  who travels throughout the year taking her "gross" science to museums, universities and classrooms, has visited numerous cities throughout the USA and other countries including Canada, Germany, Trinidad, and England.

Imagination Station guests were treated to learning how to make fake snot, fake blood and one highly impressive fake wound. The parents in the audience were THRILLED to know that all the fun lab experiments —yes even the fake vomit—could be concocted  at home.

Ms. Branzie is currently working on a Grossology movie that can be shown on planetarium ceilings that is certain to be as disgusting as her previous endeavors. The author hopes to continue enlightening us on constipation, warts and earwax for years to come.

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