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. December 8, 2014.

Simple Quilled Paper Snowflakes

Ages 6-adult

Quilling paper is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs.

Supplies (most of which can be found around your house):

-Strips of cardstock cut roughly .25 of an inch thick and 11 inches long.  You can cut these strips on a paper cutter or simply with scissors.  If they are a little uneven, no one will know.

-Tacky Glue

-A small rod to wrap paper around like the end of a fine paintbrush, a bamboo skewer or a Q-tip

-Ribbon or fishing line for hanging


Elmer’s Glue, Glitter and Acrylic gems for decorating.

Quilling paper is easy, simply wind it tightly around the thin rod of your choice to create a tightly bound coil.  You can choose to produce one coil by winding the entire strip, or fold the strip in half and wind each side to product two coils attached to each other. Pinch the coil at one end to create the teardrop shape or leave it as a perfect circle.

See example for different variations.

Once you have started to create your coils, the fun begins.  Play around with different ways you can glue them together to make interesting shapes. Your snowflakes can be simple, or complex.

When your snowflake design is complete, you can choose if you would like to embellish it with glitter and/or acrylic gems. These unique snowflakes make wonderful Christmas tree ornaments and gift toppers. They also look beautiful hung around windows or as a garland.

Depending on ability level, this is a great project to work on with your child.  You may find it easiest if you complete all the coils and the have your child to piece them together into the design and do the fancy embellishment!  This is also a great project for older kids with great fine motor skills who enjoy repetition and working with their hands.

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