Tuning in Toledo


Students at Bennett Venture Academy participated in something very few people ever get to experience.  They spoke live with an astronaut in space.  After two years and 500 hours of planning, Robert Michalski, a Canadian astronaut, had a ten-minute window to speak with the students live from the International Space Station.  He fielded questions from students ranging from kindergarten to eighth grade. Of the 500 questions submitted by the students, 20 were answered, including what planets Michalski can see from space, what it’s like sleeping in space, and what kind of education is needed to be an astronaut.  When Michalski was asked about recycling, the students were surprised when he told them that he recycled his urine to make drinking water.
“Sometimes you can’t tell if kids are paying attention or zoning out,” teacher and organizer Cindy Zamora said, “But when he answered that question it was obvious that all the kids were listening.