TPS receives $400,000 grant to assist 2,600 homeless students and families

Department is buzzing announcing that the district will be receiving $400,000 from the McKinney Vento grant for programming assisting homeless students and families. A huge victory for TPS, this grant is their largest source of funding to assist the 2,600 homeless students and families in need. Homeless student numbers are expected to increase, so receiving this grant is very timely. Due to this grant, the district hired a Director of Homelessness who will develop and manage all programming, a liaison for the district, and also monitor analytics on the number of students needing and receiving assistance. Tutoring has resumed at area homeless shelters, and enrichment programs targeting homeless students needs will be instituted in elementary and high schools. Youth Educated and Housed (Y.E.A.H), will serve as a teen talk drop in program. Full S.T.E.A.M Ahead will be a STEM and art program for elementary students. For how this grant will help TPS students, read more online at