Toledo Museum of Art, the Women's Initiative and United Way bring us Word Shop


Area students in grades 3-5 will soon have a chance to improve their writing skills while visiting the Toledo Museum of Art. Beginning with the 2016-17 school year, The Museum’s Education Department, in cooperation with the Women’s Initiative of the United Way, is offering Word Shop, an activity-based program of experiencing and writing about art. Students will participate in one of two writing opportunities—one, viewing pieces of art, then analyzing and interpreting them, the other, developing and writing a narrative about works of art. 

Mike Deetsch, Director of Education and Engagement at TMA, explains that the students will practice different styles of writing, including opinion pieces based on objective observations, as well as descriptive and creative writing. Classroom teachers need no special training to enroll in the program, and the Museum will provide extensive resources to teachers for follow-up activities. Tuesdays-Fridays during the school year.

Interested teachers should contact
Kate Blake at 419-255-8000, ext. 7240 for more information.