Toledo Cake Pops


Snackers and sweet lovers find lots of goodies on sticks, from popsicles to suckers to corndogs. If Breanna Dellinger has her way, when people are looking for cake and cookies on sticks, her business Toledo Cake Pops will be ready. She makes the pops in a variety of flavors from boxed cake mix (or scratch for special requests) and frosts them. Decorations are possible, like “threads” on a baseball-inspired pop, as are special flavors like apple flavored cake with caramel frosting or chocolate covered strawberry cake. Breanna has already provided cake pops for school functions at St. Ursula Academy, where she is a senior, at wedding showers, birthday parties, and graduation dinners. She says people seem to appreciate the portability of the treat and the fun idea of a baked good on a stick. She tested her treats at a St. Ursula lunch period, and reports selling more than 200 in just a few minutes.

When she is not baking cake pops, Breanna makes special dog treats using an original recipe that avoids grains, but includes peanut butter, chicken bouillon, and ground flaxseed. She steers away from fillers used in commercial dog treats, which make her treats much cheaper than commercial brands. She tests her doggie treats with her own American Staffordshire Terriers, and sells the treats in three sizes (1/4”,  1/2” and 1”) at local dog shows. 

Interested party planners or dog “parents” can reach Breanna at Toledo Cake Pops at or 419 509-9059.