The Grape Leaf Express Jets its way to Perrysburg

Grape leaf lovers and fattoush fans have a new Perrysburg location to satisfy their cravings. Grape Leaf Express has opened a third location, and owners Randa and Ahmed Jarouche (with franchise owner Arbid Wehbi) promise the same generous helpings and authentic flavors as those served at the franchise’s Holland and Toledo locations.

“We are both Lebanese Americans, and we both love the food,” Randa explains.

“My husband worked at the Grape Leaf Diner, and found that the taste of grape leaves followed him when he left. I grew up with a mom who cooked lavish Lebanese meals, so I am crazy about the food, too.”

The menu will be identical to that of the Monroe Street location—sandwiches, soup, grape leaves, and what Randa describes as “the best hummus in town.” She recommends the fresh fruit smoothies and the desserts (cheesecakes, crème caramel, rice pudding, baklava), and says, “We have food for children who aren’t sure they will like the food, and I encourage parents to have their children give it a try. It is healthy food and it is delicious. Especially popular is the Lavash Express, a hefty concoction of chicken, garlic sauce, pickles, and fries rolled in a multigrain flatbread and toasted. Jarouche boasts a bit, “Most customers find it too big to eat in one sitting, and take it home to enjoy later!”

Catering is available, and the website
features coupons for lunch or dinner. Grape Leaf Express is located at 27112 Oakmede, Perrysburg. Phone 419 931-9944;
Hours Sun.-Thurs. 11am-9pm, Fri. and Sat. 11am-10pm.