That caring touch

. August 2, 2012.

For Sara Thomas, making a child’s eyes light up with a new experience is just as important during the summer months as it is during the school year. Thomas (a former Head Start teacher) and her colleagues at Teacher’s Touch, a small organization of educators aimed at guiding disadvantaged youth during their off time, provide educational experiences through their Busy Bee summer camp and forthcoming after-school and tutoring programs held at United Missionary Baptist Church. “Our mission is to help at-risk children who are socially or economically disadvantaged develop skills and values to become responsible, contributing members of the community, along with their families,” Thomas says. Their emphasis is teaching children the skills they’ll need to be thriving and sufficient, whether it be learning to take advantage of public cultural institutions like the art museum or understanding how to use public transportation. Teacher’s Touch works mainly with elementary children for now, but their ultimate goal is to start a group home for girls and young women that will provide lifestyle coaching and teach independent living skills. “Teachers have that compassion and that kindness and understanding,” Thomas says, “and that’s something we have for the children [we work with].” For more information, contact Teacher’s Touch at 419-360-3584. —AO