Take a break

. March 18, 2013.

     Downtown Toledo’s newest company, Wreck Shop, is breaking the mold when it comes to anger management. And that’s not all their breaking. The company, which opened its doors at 335 N. Superior on April 19, offers guests the one-of-a-kind opportunity to pay to break glass items.
     Whether it’s out of anger, stress, fun, or even curiosity, customers can don protective gear, scream to their heart’s content and chuck glass items against a wall in a private room (after signing a legal waiver, of course). Just order off the “anger scale,” which ranges from “bothered” to “it’s a good day to go to jail.” The amount of items, and the price, correspond with the various levels. $5 gets you a 6-piece set to break, while $30 includes 40 items.
     Owners Michelle and Walter Williams III use unused glass products from Libbey Glass, and all the broken pieces from the shop are recycled.
Wreck Shop, 335 N. Superior, Toledo. 419-259-9732/ www.mywreckshop.com