Sylvania Recreation adopts Project Play's initiative

. November 1, 2015.

The Sylvania Recreation District is making an effort to create a more active community with the Aspen Institute’s Project Play Initiative. This new approach to youth sports follows steps to make activities more beneficial. According to Sylvania Recreation Operations Manager Mike McMahon, youth sports have turned competitive with terms like “elite” and travel teams, but Project Play’s goal is to take communities back in time to when youth sports were simpler and more inclusive. Sylvania Recreation’s message is that youth sports do not have to be time consuming or expensive, because when they are, they exclude a number of kids. Findings prove that kids care more about getting to play and working well with the team than winning. The program also introduces free play.

“We’d love to see kids on the playgrounds and creating their own backyard games a little more than what we see now… it’s been found that if you’re active as a child, the chances that you’re going to be active as an adult are much greater,” McMahon said.

Sylvania Recreation District, 7060 Sylvania Ave.
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