Sunbridge Schools expand into two buildings

. October 1, 2015.

Sunbridge Schools, a locally-managed charter school, has expanded into two buildings, Sunbridge Primary for kindergarten through grade three and Sunbridge Preparatory for grades four through six. Sunbridge Schools started as part of Kids Unlimited, an after-school and summer school enrichment program. After experiencing staggering growth, Sunbridge split off into a charter school which serves children from zip codes in Toledo with the highest rates of poverty and abuse.

“We want to find the most challenging students to assist and recover,” said Erica Pharis, Sunbridge Schools superintendent and executive director. “We are a bridg out of poverty, that’s the bridge in our name.”

Sunbridge is unique in that they support the student by supporting the student’s family. There is a food pantry on campus, and several community groups and nonprofits offer donated uniforms, tutoring and other services. Whatever it takes to keep a student in school, from helping parents secure paperwork to driving parents to court dates, Sunbridge goes the extra step to ensure that students have a stable home so they can succeed in school. This local approach to education not only helps the student succeed, but it can break the cycle of poverty and strengthen Toledo.

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